ASL signers...please read this and give your response...

Ingvild Roald iroald at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Mar 10 11:28:16 UTC 2006

Or maybe it would be better if the pic signs stay in the same pudle, but 
with the 'surname' pic - then they would be awaylable to see, and could be 
re-written by the one who wants to use this sign, and thus be (slowly) 
changed into new symbols -

just a thought


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>Hi Val,
>We could always create a new puddle called sgn-US-pic.  I would then move 
>the graphic only signs into this new puddle.
>Valerie Sutton wrote:
>>SignWriting List
>>March 9, 2006
>>Stuart Thiessen from Iowa wrote:
>>>Is there a way that it can still be searchable and accessible so we
>>>can put the old graphic-only signs in another window or tab of our
>>>browser when we want to refer to an old sign and add it to the new
>>>That would be helpful because then we don't have to re-invent the
>>>wheel for signs already composed. Of course, if those signs have any
>>>spelling errors, then we will still have to deal with the spelling,
>>>but at least it gives us a place to start.
>>Hello Stuart!
>>Many thanks for this response...these are important thoughts. Maybe I am 
>>opening a can of worms with that suggestion, but I feel frustrated too, 
>>because there are tiny problems people have because of this 
>>not being able to load a sign into SignMaker because it is a graphic, or 
>>not being able to change its color or size, or not being able to see it in 
>>SignText...all those issues would go away, but then we would have worse 
>>ones, maybe, by taking those signs away, because as you say, we still need 
>>to see the old entries after thinking about this, thanks to 
>>your comments, I am beginning to think that leaving them is probably the 
>>lesser of two least we see them immediately in the same place, 
>>and do not have to find another way to view the old signs...
>>Do you agree?
>>By the way, while I have you, smile...Are you considering going to the NAD 
>>conference here in California in July? I confess I have not done all the 
>>many things I thought I would do related to that conference, and I thought 
>>maybe you are teaching this summer elsewhere? What are your plans? If you 
>>are coming to California, you are most welcome and I look forward seeing 
>> not that is ok
>>Val ;-)
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