Changing SW font size

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Fri Mar 10 23:10:37 UTC 2006

Hi Adam,

Changing the size of the font it possible, but it doesn't look very 
good.  In the future, when we switch to SVG, it will look great.  One 
step at a time.

I would suggest going to the Dictionary Editors screen.  Search for a 
sign and select Customize.

This screen has several options for customizing how a sign will look.  
Here is ASL_2, small with standard colors.

Here is the URL:,40,45,01-05-001-01-01-11,10,40,02-01-002-01-01-01,9,63,02-10-005-01-06-15,31,21,08-01-003-01-01-01,9,-2,01-01-001-01-02-02,113,16,01-01-001-01-02-10,90,26,01-09-015-01-03-01,197,23,01-09-015-01-03-09,169,23,02-10-007-01-01-05,120,52,02-10-007-01-05-09,94,62,08-02-001-01-01-05,113,84,02-06-001-02-01-06,208,58,02-06-001-02-02-14,155,58,08-02-001-01-01-05,189,82,02-01-001-01-01-02,31,74,08-01-001-01-01-05,37,13,&size=.5&color=000000&colorize=1&background=ffffff&transparent=0&pixels=0&bounding=t

Check it out and ask questions,

Adam Frost wrote:
> Steve,
> I know that you have said that there was a way to make fonts smaller. I am putting some SW sentences on my website (, but I need it to be a smaller font. I am using HTML codeing, so telling both how do it generally and how you make happen within HTML will help me greatly.
> Adam
> PS Val, my blog is almost done.
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