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March 10, 2006

Hello Adam and Steve!
Your SignWriting blog in ASL sounds very exciting, Adam...I am really  
looking forward to that!

Thanks to Steve, we have an automatic way to make SignWriting bigger  
and smaller, using SWML in SignPuddle, and maybe someday for  
sentences in SignText...the larger size does pretty well, but the  
smaller size has some symbols that are not readable on the screen...

To explain, the old SignWriter DOS program had one irony...the  
symbols look bad on the screen with SignWriter DOS, and at normal  
sizes even the printing is not that great a quality, but if you have  
the correct laser printer that SignWriter DOS was designed for, and  
if you choose the correct Print Formats, the printing on paper at  
smaller sizes is absolutely beautiful...that is because of a  
Postscript Print Driver that Rich used...Postscript language for  
laser printers is made by Adobe...the same people who make the PDF  
format...and somehow by magic they could reduce SignWriting to tiny  
tiny sizes and print without any problems reading the tiny is beyond me...and no one has been able to produce that  
quality at small sizes when reading on a computer screen...

So we know it can be done and small sizes are very is  
just a matter of getting that to happen on the screen as well...

One way is for me to create several sizes of the whole IMWA...I could  
do a 75% per cent size of every symbol...clean each symbol up in  
Photoshop and resave it to a folder called IMWA 75 percent...or  
something like that...and if we had a 50 per cent and a 75 per cent,  
then we could give people a choice of which size IMWA they  
wanted...that would be a stable way to do it without SVG, but  
unfortunately all this takes so much time...apparently SVG will give  
us more sizes in the long run? Is that right, Steve?

So if you have only a few signs, Adam, that you want to reduce, then  
I would create them or find them in SignPuddle, and save them as a  
graphic and open them in a Paint of Draw program and reduce them and  
clean them and then use them on your web site as gifs...

That is how I would do it right now...

Thank you, Steve, for the sizes we do have ...they are really wonderful!

Val ;-)


On Mar 10, 2006, at 3:10 PM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

> Hi Adam,
> Changing the size of the font it possible, but it doesn't look very  
> good.  In the future, when we switch to SVG, it will look great.   
> One step at a time.
> I would suggest going to the Dictionary Editors screen.  Search for  
> a sign and select Customize.
> This screen has several options for customizing how a sign will  
> look.  Here is ASL_2, small with standard colors.
> <moz-screenshot.jpg>
> Here is the URL:
> build=01-05-001-01-01-03,40,45,01-05-001-01-01-11,10,40,02-01-002-01-0 
> 1-01,9,63,02-10-005-01-06-15,31,21,08-01-003-01-01-01,9,-2,01-01-001-0 
> 1-02-02,113,16,01-01-001-01-02-10,90,26,01-09-015-01-03-01,197,23,01-0 
> 9-015-01-03-09,169,23,02-10-007-01-01-05,120,52,02-10-007-01-05-09,94, 
> 62,08-02-001-01-01-05,113,84,02-06-001-02-0  
> 1-06,208,58,02-06-001-02-02-14,155,58,08-02-001-01-01-05,189,82,02-01- 
> 001-01-01-02,31,74,08-01-001-01-01-05,37,13,&size=. 
> 5&color=000000&colorize=1&background=ffffff&transparent=0&pixels=0&bou 
> nding=t
> Check it out and ask questions,
> -Steve
> Adam Frost wrote:
>> Steve,
>> I know that you have said that there was a way to make fonts  
>> smaller. I am putting some SW sentences on my website  
>> (, but I need it to be a smaller font. I am  
>> using HTML codeing, so telling both how do it generally and how  
>> you make happen within HTML will help me greatly.
>> Adam
>> PS Val, my blog is almost done.
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