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Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Sat Mar 11 21:47:50 UTC 2006

So I could teach, in books or otherwise, that 'the general rule is tat we
use the common / together / general arrowhead when the two hands are
painting the same path. As exceptions, it may also be used for certain
classifier signs (when the feeling is that the two hands are holding
something between them, and this 'thing' is what really moves), or when
the sign would otherwise be too cluttered and hard to read'.

Thus, the two first rules in my list are the general ones, and the last
two are exceptions that may be used in certain cases -

how do you like that?


sw-l at skriver:
>The third one is not the same path, so it does represent teaching  
>SignWriting differently. Philippe was suggesting that signs like  
>DEPRESSION or my example of POSSIBLE would be written with one  
>general arrow, and that is what the Danes do I believe...
>Although I understand totally what you mean about the feeling behind  
>the classifier, I think that some people would look at that and think  
>that writing DEPRESSION with one arrow would be the same  
>it makes it harder to teach...
>So I think you should do just what you feel is best for classifiers,  
>and we can place that in books as an exception! smile... So it is  
>fine if you feel it is correct...I can see there is a feeling behind  
> ;-)

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