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March 11, 2006

Ingvild Roald in Norway wrote:
> So I could teach, in books or otherwise, that 'the general rule is  
> tat we
> use the common / together / general arrowhead when the two hands are
> painting the same path. As exceptions, it may also be used for certain
> classifier signs (when the feeling is that the two hands are holding
> something between them, and this 'thing' is what really moves), or  
> when
> the sign would otherwise be too cluttered and hard to read'.

Ingvild -
I will try to do a new eLesson now, about the Right, Left and  
Overlapping Paths (right, left and general arrows)...

I think the new term Overlapping, rather than SAME path, is more  
accurate, although perhaps harder to understand for beginners...but  
maybe in a visual eLesson I can succeed in explaining it better...So  
I will announce the new posting when it is ready...

Regarding the classifier issue...I just won't mention that exception,  
since I am not sure if it relates only to classifiers in northern  
Europe and the US, or perhaps linguists might find that other signed  
languages are different - I am not a linguist so I don't know...and  
frankly I don't think most linguists know every signed language in  
the world!

So I am going to teach the arrows based on Movement Writing paths,  
and leave the exceptions to you for writing Norwegian Sign others start writing this way too, then we can  
re-visit the issue later...

I know you are writing a textbook in Norwegian and Norwegian Sign  
Language, on SignWriting now, so this information is important to  
you...I am very excited about your new book!

Val ;-)

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