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March 12, 2006

Adam Frost in California wrote:
> I also have a blog which I will use to discuss about ASL Lit. You  
> can take a look at what I have there right now. (It's not much, but  
> it gives you an idea.) You can make comments in English or ASL (SW)...

Hello Everyone and Adam!

Adam is the first to start a BLOG in written American Sign Language  

What is a BLOG?

It is like writing a journal, or a diary...writing something everyday  
in a log...except it is on the web, in front of thousands of people!

So the word Web and Log blended together to become the word: BLOG

BLOGS are very popular here in the US. Journalists, and politicians,  
and writers and travelers all create their own personal BLOGS on the  
web, and then total strangers read what they said in their web- 
journal, and comment on what they said...So BLOGS are a new form of  
computer communication...

Here is the way it works...

Go to Adam's web site:

And click on the word BLOG...(see attached)...

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