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March 15, 2006

Charles Butler wrote:
> I would, for myself, sometimes write "possible" with one arrow, as  
> shorthand, but only if I was trying to speed write....

Philippe -
Have you seen SignWriting Shorthand? The Shorthand system was  
successful in the 1980's, used as a quick notetaking system for  
recording signs in classrooms...and the Shorthand only uses general  
arrowheads and halves of arrowheads...no right or left at all..,.

SignWriting Printing is the official daily writing system and it  
includes the painting of black and white paths for the right and left  

When we write Shorthand, we always transcribe the notes later, into  
SignWriting Printing...

SignPuddle is a dictionary that records SignWriting Printing...

So do we want the Shorthand in SignPuddle too? I would vote for a  
separate SignPuddle for Shorthand someday... ;-)

See attached...

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