SignPuddle 2.0 alpha release 1 is available

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Wed Mar 22 17:21:09 UTC 2006

The SignPuddle 2.0 alpha release 1 is now officially available.

You can try it online on
You can find detailed information on

There are many improvements in the new release...

The interface has been redesigned so that sign options are available on 
all pages.  There is no longer a special dictionary editors page.  The 
editing process has been simplified.  If you want to edit a sign, you 
edit the sign directly.  No more messing around with adding a new sign, 
deleting the old sign and renaming.  And no more underscores.

Security is greatly improved including 5 dictionary types and 7 types of 
users.  The best improvement is the ability of individual users to be 
able to edit their own signs without being an editor.

Unicode is fully supported along with custom attributes.  There are 2 
default attributes: labels and the approved check.  Multiple labels 
replace the single gloss field.  The approved check is only available 
for editors.  This is a flag to separate the quality signs from the 
random noise.  There are currently 6 types of custom fields: including 
String, MultiString, Text, Select, MultiSelect, and Check.

Best of all is the introduction of the SignSpelling Sequence column.  
With SignPuddle 2.0 is it possible to sort directly in sign language.  
Creating a simple sequence is as easy as clicking on a list of a sign's 
symbols.  Creating a complex sequence is even possible, but slightly 
more involved.

Feel free to contact me directly or discuss on the SignWriting list.

-Steve Slevinski

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