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November 6, 2006

> Charles Butler wrote:
> I'm working on a flash card publication and I came across this sign  
> that seems to have a handshape not currently in IMWA.  I've done it  
> as best I can here, but it's missing the 4th and 5th fingers which  
> pinch as the claws of a crab.  I wasn't sure how to overlay those  
> 4th and 5th fingers to be able to show them as trying to add them  
> doesn't seem easily possible.
> Here is my attempt. Followed by a link to the page (with permission  
> of the Author).
> dicionario.asp?cod=124&categoria=5#Scene_1
> caranguejo (fresh-water crab).


Hello Charles!
Thanks for this message. Attached are two ways that I would write  
this sign. I visited the web link above and looked at the sign, and  
for me anyway, it looks like the fingers are wiggling back and I added the Finger Movement.

Regarding new symbols in the are right that technically  
that handshape is not in the IMWA. The symbol we are using in this  
writing is very close however, and close enough that I think it is ok  
to write it this way for now...

To be very accurate, a new symbol would have to be added to the IMWA  
to show the fact that the base of the hand is not a square. The  
square rootshape means that the fingertips of the fourth and fifth  
fingers are touching the palm of the hand, and obviously that is not  
true. The handshape really should have a C-shape as its rootshape,  
showing that the fourth and fifth fingers (the lowest fingers in the  
handshape) are in the shape of a C or curved...

But since my schedule is full right now, I will not be able to add  
this new symbol to the IMWA for some time...I think the way we have  
written this is ok for now!

Thanks for your message...(see attached diagram)...Val ;-)

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