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Dear Val and List,

I am not sure, if this will reach the list or just you Val (if necessary could you please post this to the list?). Maybe some of you have wondered why you did not hear from us anymore...
Well, we have been in Austria for the past 4 months and will be staying a few more. We are in the process of applying to Wycliffe Austria and hope to return to the Philippines to continue working with the Deaf there. As of now we do not know when this will be, since we will need some more training probably both in Germany and the US. I will write from time to time to let you know what we are up to.
It is really exciting to see what is happening with SW in so many countries!!

Greetings from Austria,
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  SignWriting List
  November 6, 2006

  Dear SW List Members!
  So many wonderful things are happening here, behind the scenes, for SignWriting documents!

  1. With the current version of SignText, I have become creative, and found wonderful techniques that make it possible to use the new SignText Mail program, with columns, to create beautiful PDFs, giving us spoken language translations in the comments at the bottom of each PDF. I will be writing this as a new chapter in SignText Manual when I can...Thank you, Stefan, for pointing out to me that the SignText Mail program is helpful for re-formatting documents!

  2. Cherie....I am working on preparing Cat-In-The-Hat using this new document creation technique (mentioned above). THANK YOU for your hard work on this long translation. Your work to date gives us a long document to work with, to learn from, both for research, and also for writing manuals and helping others prepare longer documents in the future. What am I doing today? I am finding all of your sentences from Cat-In-The-Hat, and reloading them into SignText, and then sending them to myself through SignText email. I am setting my email up to the number 800 in the columns area. This gives us a Portrait page size (columns are longer). The English words appear at the bottom in the comments section of the email. I then print the email to PDF using the Mac Print-To-PDF feature, reducing it to 85%. This gives me a perfect portrait page in PDF with the English at the bottom. Then I open Acrobat Professional program, and put all the PDFs together, and we have a real document with the English translation at the bottom of each page. While I am doing this job, I am making a note of some signs I would write differently and it will be interesting to compare notes and make a final decision how to write some of those unusual signs...I believe one of them has a head rotation that you need a symbol for, etc? so all that is important to discuss too...

  3. Guylhem....I know you need the sentences in SignText, which will give you SWML, for your software research project in France. Are you ready to receive the documents through your private email? I will send them to you, one by one, through SignText email, and then you click on the link at the bottom of the email that says: Load Message Into SignText....It loads the SignWriting back into your Firefox web browser (be sure to use Firefox)...then you click on the Options Button, and Bookmark each document (that is the way we save the documents...bookmark them in Firefox)...from there you can click on the SWML button to get the SWML of any bookmarked sentence...

  We have a SignText Manual in French, English, Norwegian and soon German...go to this web page to download the manual:

  SignPuddle Help Files

  So it is a busy time, and wonderful too....

  I hope all of you are happy and doing well...ask questions to the List anytime...

  Val ;-)

  Valerie Sutton
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