handicapped child - able to listen and understand - unable to speak

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Sun Nov 12 19:43:02 UTC 2006

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November 12, 2006

Hi Betty!
I am so impressed with this message. Thank you for telling us about  
your work. You are an amazing person...

Do you ever use SignWriting with your students? You do not need a  
computer to use SignWriting with your students...

I remember one story...I need to find it in our List Archives...a  
teacher working with a mentally-handicapped young woman with no or  
little vocabulary in spoken languages...the teacher wrote the signs  
for things in SignWriting in ASL...for example...she wrote the sign  
for CHAIR, and pasted the SignWriting on the chair itself...and wrote  
the sign for TOILET and pasted the sign on the door of the  
bathroom...and so forth and the student's vocabulary grew quickly...

So using SignWriting as a way to recognize the name for items has its  
value...I will look for those email messages and post them shortly...

Thanks again!  Val ;-)

On Nov 12, 2006, at 8:03 AM, BDUMMETTE at AOL.COM wrote:

> Hello, Stepan
> My name is Betty Banks, and I have been in this situation numerous  
> times, and I dealt with it and I would like to tell you, and I wish  
> there was way that the both of us can work with this child, my  
> situation: the boy was the same age and deaf, so we did a lot of  
> gestures, mime, signlanguage,because he needs to communicate  
> outside of a computer, and we did word articulation as well! I need  
> to know is there any bit of a sound, no matter how small, I want  
> for yu to please contact me: 718) 385.3804 or email: BDUMMETTE at aol.com
> I think I can help! Right now I am dealing with a client that can  
> not speak, so she calls me every night and we work on the phone  
> with speech sounds and critical thinking, I am a translator and I  
> am expanding my business, with speech as well, I have been taking  
> speech courses forever and I am Legally Deaf and Blind myself, so I  
> know how this work.

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