SW textbooks with all illustrations ?

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Sun Nov 19 16:39:15 UTC 2006

I believe that the Spanish Sign Language books have very good illustrations for teaching.  

Gagnon & thibeault <atg at videotron.ca> wrote:
            Hi  everyone,
  I recently printed lessons/exercises for English and French Sign Writing (SW) Textbooks.
  I met with Deaf teachers and showed them French lessons/exercises from this SW Textbook which I lent to them for several weeks.  Unfortunatley, after some time, they  decided that they would not use it (and this for various reasons as outlined further on).  I was, however, still very happy to listen  to their comments and opinions.
  They were very interested in reading the different examples such as:
  ·    the three basic handshapes
  ·    the palm facing, and
  ·    the contact symbols,
  as these illustrations helped them better understand.
  However, they found it very difficult to grasp the 10 hand groups, the travelling rotations, the curved, axil, circular and body movements, the facial expressions, dynamics, etc.,  as the Deaf teachers did not quite understand  a lot of the descriptions and some of the illustrations.  They did not really appreciate having to figure out the different symbols without illustrations and showed no interest in learning from the SW Textbook.  They were confident that lessons/exercises taught from the SW Textbook for hearing signers could expand faster than that of deaf signers.
  And, I must agree with them; I do recognize the fact that SW List Members who hear are more interested to learn and research than the Deaf SW List Members because the deaf population, in general, does not have the facility to write a spoken language.
  I was told by Deaf teachers that if the lessons in SW Textbooks had more illustrations for the 10 hand groups, etc., (as mentioned earlier), they would be more than happy to study them again and
  even teach same  to Deaf children as these children also need to visualize.
  And now, I ask you all, do you own a SW Textbook with all or more illustrations ?, because if you did, it could help Deaf professionals better understand the above.
  Best regards,
  André Thibeault

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