High contrast ((black background and white text)

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Hi Cherie, Val, Stefan and Steve,
Cherie, thank you very much for helping me your instruction below.
Two thumbs

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On Windows XP go to Control Panel, open Accessibility options,  click on the
Display tab, click the High Contrast check box, then OK or apply.

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SignWriting List
November 20, 2006
Hello Andre and Steve -
You do not have to program anything special, Steve.
I succeeded on my Macintosh to reverse the entire screen of my computer. It
makes SignPuddle very readable, with white on black...and no symbols have to
be changed...
It is VERY easy!! Here are instructions for the iMac:
To Reverse Screen
1. Go to System Preferences.
2. Click on Universal Access.
3. Click on White on Black button...the whole computer screen reverses to
white on black...plus you can create high-contrast, enlarge the whole screen
and so many more features designed to give Universal Access...
I bet you know how to do this Andre, on Windows XP? If not, I can find out
for you...I am sure they have a Universal Access feature too...
Val ;-)
Valerie Sutton
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