handicapped child - able to listen and understand - unable to speak

Shane Gilchrist O hEorpa shane.gilchrist.oheorpa at GMAIL.COM
Wed Nov 22 14:19:46 UTC 2006

theres a wee child at the deaf school here (in Belfast) that usesNorthern Ireland Sign Language - he can hear but he can't speak -which is great.
On 18/11/06, Lucy <lists at onet.eu> wrote:>>> Stefan,> I don't know any person like that boy but some years ago I read a book> titled "Dziecko w autoportrecie z zamalowaną twarzą" (A child's> self-portrait with the face painted over) by Marina Zalewska (Polish> psychologist) where reasons for no or poor speech production in hearing and> deaf pre-school kids were analysed and effective therapies presented. It was> very mind-opening to me! :-)> Lucy>> ----- Original Message -----> From: Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod> To: sw-l at majordomo.valenciacc.edu> Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2006 10:02 PM> Subject: Re: [sw-l] handicapped child - able to listen and understand -> unable to speak>> Stefan>>>>> in my speech therapist practice (my old life... some years ago.....)... I> followed a small boy who completely lost language (comprehension and> production skliis were both lost) after developping a LandauKleffner> syndrom... he was put in the scholl for the deaf where I used to work to> ena!
 ble him to develop language skills in SignLanguage... because oral> langauges were just impossible...>>> he recovered very well after a few years... and Signlanguage was a real help> for him during these years>>> Maybe I can explain more.... you should give me a call on SKYPE....> I could even send you the paper that was published on him if you're> interested.... and you should watch on of the  "SIGNES" TV progamm for the> deaf here in Switzerland... were the whole progamm was talking about this> young man... and another child in France that happen to have the same> problem!>>> talk of all that soon...>>> for now I desperatly need to go to bed....>>> Anny>>>>>> Le 12 nov. 06 à 16:16, Stefan Wöhrmann a écrit :>>>>> Hi Valerie and dear sw-list members all over the world,>>>> Excuse me,  if somebody feels that this question is not subject to> SignWriting  ... I need your support.>>>> Last week I  met a 5 year old boy in my classroom–>> He is  physically handicapped. He ca!
 n hear and understand spoken language> but is unable to speak !
 a single
 word and this will not change in the future.> So he uses gestures as far as possible.>>>> Now we are in the process to develop ideas – what kind of education –> program would fit his needs at best?>>>> He is able to understand questions and to follow instructions given in> spoken language at his level of age without any problem. So he iss smart ...> smile!>>>> In the long run he probably will choose to use kind of computersoftware – to> type his comments on a screen –  but will this support his need for everyday> – communication?>>>> His mother has heard about  GebaerdenSchrift (SignWriting ) and she decided> to check out whether this could support her and her son to improve their> communcation.>>>> Believe it or not but this smart little boy was able to identify the signs> of a two pages GebaerdenSchrift-Document after only a 45 minute session!> And even when I wrote some sign-names at the blackboard he could understand> and sign immediately the idea : written na!
 mes  - well of course written> SignLanguage>>>> I am wondering wether anybody who reads this message knows of a child in an> almost parallel situation. Would be great to get some enriching ideas,> comments, weblinks ...>>>> Thanks for your attention!>>>> Stefan ;-)>>>>

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