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Ingvild Roald iroald at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Sep 19 21:44:07 UTC 2006

That's fine with me - I did not realize the amount of work and money for a 
separate pudle - forget the idea, we will contine as now


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>you're right Val...
>son't use your time and energy on this... it's fine the way it is  right 
>now... and as you said... adding the name as the source... is  
>sufficient.... anyone is more than welcome if he/she wants to add  signs in 
>dictionnary!! (the editor as to check from time to time to  be sure.... 
>thter's not too much bad stuff in there... but it's fine!!)
>Le 19 sept. 06 à 16:45, Valerie Sutton a écrit :
>>SignWriting List
>>September 19, 2006
>>>Ingvild from Norway wrote:
>>>Could the sign also be written like this? And a suggestion: could  we 
>>>have a sign puddle for ongoing discussions - I had to put this  in the 
>>>Swiss-French one, and did not feel comfartable about that
>>Hello Ingvild and Anny -
>>I like your version of the writing of the sign, Ingvild...I can  read 
>>that. Years ago we used to place a plain Nose Line in the  center of the 
>>Facial Circle to indicate that the movement happens  in front of the nose, 
>>even though the actual arrow is really  written to the side..so your 
>>writing is similar to that...
>>But regarding placing writing choices in different  SignPuddles...that is 
>>exactly what I do all the time...the various  SignPuddles that are open to 
>>the public are meant to be the forum  for discussing how to write a 
>>specific sign from a specific  country...they are not formal published 
>>dictionaries...but a place  to discuss...
>>If people would like to purchase a private SignPuddle space just  for 
>>their dictionary, that can be done anytime...but to create  another 
>>SignPuddle open to the public yet again, is not  necessary... since we 
>>already have around 40 of them...it costs us  time and money to setup 
>>another SignPuddle...so I think we can use  what we have right now...just 
>>put your name down as the source and  the editors from that country can 
>>decide what to do...that way if  you see a sign from French-Switzerland 
>>which you wish to write, you  can place it in their public SignPuddle for 
>>discussion, and it is  easier for them to have it in there rather than 
>>have to add it  later...it is a blessing really, that you took the time to 
>>write a  sign from their country...
>>When I added my versions to the French-Swiss SignPuddle, I put my  name 
>>down as a source so that Anny knew she could throw them out if  she didn't 
>>like some of them...
>>I am creating a new SignWriting Shop where people can pay for a  Private 
>>WebPuddle with a credit card in any currency on PayPal...so  in time I 
>>believe some groups will choose to have a private one  where no one from 
>>the outside can add a sign...but the public ones  will always be free and 
>>open...  Val ;-)

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