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Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod acpg at VTXNET.CH
Tue Sep 19 20:36:33 UTC 2006

you're right Val...

son't use your time and energy on this... it's fine the way it is  
right now... and as you said... adding the name as the source... is  
sufficient.... anyone is more than welcome if he/she wants to add  
signs in dictionnary!! (the editor as to check from time to time to  
be sure.... thter's not too much bad stuff in there... but it's fine!!)


Le 19 sept. 06 à 16:45, Valerie Sutton a écrit :

> SignWriting List
> September 19, 2006
>> Ingvild from Norway wrote:
>> Could the sign also be written like this? And a suggestion: could  
>> we have a sign puddle for ongoing discussions - I had to put this  
>> in the Swiss-French one, and did not feel comfartable about that
> Hello Ingvild and Anny -
> I like your version of the writing of the sign, Ingvild...I can  
> read that. Years ago we used to place a plain Nose Line in the  
> center of the Facial Circle to indicate that the movement happens  
> in front of the nose, even though the actual arrow is really  
> written to the side..so your writing is similar to that...
> But regarding placing writing choices in different  
> SignPuddles...that is exactly what I do all the time...the various  
> SignPuddles that are open to the public are meant to be the forum  
> for discussing how to write a specific sign from a specific  
> country...they are not formal published dictionaries...but a place  
> to discuss...
> If people would like to purchase a private SignPuddle space just  
> for their dictionary, that can be done anytime...but to create  
> another SignPuddle open to the public yet again, is not  
> necessary... since we already have around 40 of them...it costs us  
> time and money to setup another SignPuddle...so I think we can use  
> what we have right now...just put your name down as the source and  
> the editors from that country can decide what to do...that way if  
> you see a sign from French-Switzerland which you wish to write, you  
> can place it in their public SignPuddle for discussion, and it is  
> easier for them to have it in there rather than have to add it  
> later...it is a blessing really, that you took the time to write a  
> sign from their country...
> When I added my versions to the French-Swiss SignPuddle, I put my  
> name down as a source so that Anny knew she could throw them out if  
> she didn't like some of them...
> I am creating a new SignWriting Shop where people can pay for a  
> Private WebPuddle with a credit card in any currency on PayPal...so  
> in time I believe some groups will choose to have a private one  
> where no one from the outside can add a sign...but the public ones  
> will always be free and open...  Val ;-)
> <attitude-ir.png>

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