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Tue Dec 11 04:05:19 UTC 2007

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December 10, 2007

Hello Shane and everyone -

I had all these plans today to get to work and accomplish a whole  
bunch of things, only to find I am still recovering from our family  
celebrations...I am just finishing washing all the dishes from two  
days ago!

So tomorrow is another day ;-)

Thank you, Shane, for all that you are doing to write about Deaf  
people in Europe! That is an exciting project...

And thank you for a chapter about SignWriting in sure to  
mention the First European SignWriting Symposium in Brussels in 2005,  
and the ESWO workshops around Europe... grin...of course I know you  
will mention those events....

Symposium 2005

and by the way...I will be happy to create a web page for the ESWO  
now on our SignWriting web site...I hope to do that soon...the old  
page has expired and Ingvild and I discussed that recently...

Regarding Microsoft Office 2008...It is for the Mac and yes, it will  
be released in January....

in the Apple Stores here in the US they have an offer that if you buy  
an earlier version of Microsoft Office for the Mac, then for the cost  
of the postage only...which is around $6.00...they will send you the  
2008 upgrade to your doorstep at the end of January when it is I have my order in the mail!

Everyone on this List is equally amazing...Thanks for sticking by us...

And by the way, there is renewed interest in the UK for writing  
BSL...There is a group called the World Language Documentation  
Center, that is virtual and on the internet, but several of their  
members are from Wales and other parts of the UK...and they would  
like to encourage more writing of BSL in SignWriting, but we need to  
find some interested Deaf people to start doing some writing...

If you meet anyone interested, point them to me and maybe we can link  
everyone together -

Thanks for writing, Shane -

Val ;-)


On Dec 10, 2007, at 7:42 PM, Shane Gilchrist O hEorpa wrote:

> Val,
> sorry for not getting involved in SW-L for a very long time - youre  
> allowed to have me whipped in the market square if youre up for  
> it! ;-)
> I was being busy with my latest book project DEAF EUROPE - which is  
> a "personal journey" through Europe's deaf communities - I will try  
> to cover as much of Europe as I can.
> Good news - there will be a chapter on SignWriting in Europe - i ll  
> get to ask u a lot of questions later :-)
> one question here: MS Office 2008 - for Mac or Windows? Its just  
> that I thought the Mac version is to be launched in Jan 2008?
> Keep up with the good work - as always, ure amazing :-)
> Shane


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