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sorry for not getting involved in SW-L for a very long time - youre allowed
to have me whipped in the market square if youre up for it! ;-)

I was being busy with my latest book project DEAF EUROPE - which is a
"personal journey" through Europe's deaf communities - I will try to cover
as much of Europe as I can.

Good news - there will be a chapter on SignWriting in Europe - i ll get to
ask u a lot of questions later :-)

one question here: MS Office 2008 - for Mac or Windows? Its just that I
thought the Mac version is to be launched in Jan 2008?

Keep up with the good work - as always, ure amazing :-)


cc Everyone on SW-L

On 08/12/2007, Valerie Sutton <signwriting at> wrote:
> SignWriting List
> December 8, 2007
> On Dec 7, 2007, at 11:54 AM, Ingvild Roald wrote:
> > Have a happy family gathering...
> > Ingvild
> Thank you, Ingvild!
> My sister came to visit from Florida and we celebrated Christmas
> early this last week. We had 6 dinner gatherings in one
> sister's friends of course had to come visit her to see her after
> five years!.... My father also turned 86 years old last week, and my
> mother performed her poetry (read her poetry outloud) a library
> party for it was a wonderful holiday celebration with
> family. We are very blessed!
> And what did my sister get herself for Christmas at the Apple Store
> yesterday? A new Mac laptop!
> And what did Val get while she was in the Apple Store? The new Mac OS
> X Leopard operating system, and Microsoft Office 2008...grin...I am
> excited about the new Mac Time Machine backup system, that is built-
> in to Leopard... that automatically archives your entire computer in
> a very visual way, every hour I believe...I hope to backup our
> servers with the new Time Machine which is the best backup software I
> have ever seen...and there are other new features that are quite
> wonderful, such as QuickLook, where you can view the contents of
> files without launching the software that created them...and also
> Boot Camp, which means I can use my Mac to boot directly from Windows
> XP or Vista, so one machine runs both Mac and PC natively...
> So we had a lot of fun sharing clothes, books, CDs, DVDs and computers!
> Now that our holiday time is over, I look forward to completing the
> ISWA 2008, to be released in January 2008. So this month I will focus
> on the symbols, adding the larger movement arrows people have
> requested for so long...I have completed most of the Ethiopian
> Handshapes...there are a couple more...they will get done!
> Then January must focus on Cat in the Hat, which must be posted by
> the end of January on the web, or we will lose our permission to post
> by the Seuss Foundation, so here is my schedule:
> December...ISWA 2008
> January...Cat in the Hat
> February...Sleeping Beauty and other things...
> That is as far as I can think right now!
> And of course, Ingvild and Anny and other writers, I look forward to
> posting your works and will always be here for any technical support
> questions...
> Ingvild - I will get to your document next, and then Anny - thanks
> for the information you sent...very exciting! Yours will be done
> right after Ingvild's...
> Val ;-)
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