Report from Val's Desk, Dec 8 2007

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sat Dec 8 17:17:51 UTC 2007

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December 8, 2007

On Dec 7, 2007, at 11:54 AM, Ingvild Roald wrote:
> Have a happy family gathering...
> Ingvild

Thank you, Ingvild!

My sister came to visit from Florida and we celebrated Christmas  
early this last week. We had 6 dinner gatherings in one  
sister's friends of course had to come visit her to see her after  
five years!.... My father also turned 86 years old last week, and my  
mother performed her poetry (read her poetry outloud) a library  
party for it was a wonderful holiday celebration with  
family. We are very blessed!

And what did my sister get herself for Christmas at the Apple Store  
yesterday? A new Mac laptop!

And what did Val get while she was in the Apple Store? The new Mac OS  
X Leopard operating system, and Microsoft Office 2008...grin...I am  
excited about the new Mac Time Machine backup system, that is built- 
in to Leopard... that automatically archives your entire computer in  
a very visual way, every hour I believe...I hope to backup our  
servers with the new Time Machine which is the best backup software I  
have ever seen...and there are other new features that are quite  
wonderful, such as QuickLook, where you can view the contents of  
files without launching the software that created them...and also  
Boot Camp, which means I can use my Mac to boot directly from Windows  
XP or Vista, so one machine runs both Mac and PC natively...

So we had a lot of fun sharing clothes, books, CDs, DVDs and computers!

Now that our holiday time is over, I look forward to completing the  
ISWA 2008, to be released in January 2008. So this month I will focus  
on the symbols, adding the larger movement arrows people have  
requested for so long...I have completed most of the Ethiopian  
Handshapes...there are a couple more...they will get done!

Then January must focus on Cat in the Hat, which must be posted by  
the end of January on the web, or we will lose our permission to post  
by the Seuss Foundation, so here is my schedule:

December...ISWA 2008
January...Cat in the Hat
February...Sleeping Beauty and other things...

That is as far as I can think right now!

And of course, Ingvild and Anny and other writers, I look forward to  
posting your works and will always be here for any technical support  

Ingvild - I will get to your document next, and then Anny - thanks  
for the information you sent...very exciting! Yours will be done  
right after Ingvild's...

Val ;-)


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