transcribing from video

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Mon Jan 1 16:20:04 UTC 2007


u ll have to use your memory to develop a 'mind-mapping' technique

can be annoyed at first - its the same with subtitle makers - they
have to go thru stuff over and over to get the words in right.


On 01/01/07, James Shepard-Kegl, Esq. <kegl at> wrote:
>  Kimberley,
>  Imagine Gutenburg creating a page block by block -- very time consuming.
> But once done, thousands (or today, millions) of copies can be made in short
> order.
>  Two words of advice:
>  1) If you don't sign, get a signer to assist you.  (You would not want to
> confuse an involuntary twitch with a grammatical marker.)
>  2) The process becomes easier with practice (and a decent glossary file).
> But, it is still labor intensive, so plan your time accordingly.
>  -- James
>  on 1/1/07 12:53 AM, Kimberley Shaw at skifoot at wrote:
> Hello all:
>  and a very happy New Year to you all!
>  Val, I only get more and more impressed by the day by the things you have
> done! I have been trying to transcribe a poem of Ella Mae Lentz ("Travels
> with Malz"), and it has become an exercise in frustration.As an ASL student
> who has just been placed into a 2nd-year ASL class at a univiersity level, I
> am trying to figure out why it is being so diffficult to simply write down
> sentence by sentence from the VHS (no, the video her poem is on has never
> been released to DVD, alas), and I am wondering how on earth you were able
> to transcribe from video when you were not yet a signer.
>  Was it the dance training?
>  Have all of you other signwriters got some special wisdom to share with me?
>  Or just useful tips?
>  You don't even want to know how many times I have had to hit "pause" and
> "rewind" just to get the first sentence down on paper.
>  All the best,
>  Kim from Boston

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