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'chicken scratching' is meant to be jokey/sarcastic - it means a 'poor
attempt' - for instance if one doesnt write very well, say like a
doctor's writing, Americans would say 'that's a chicken scratching'!

Some deafies in the US would say 'oh my god, he do have chicken scratching ASL!'

The phrase is chiefly limited to the US as its not popular in Ireland
and the UK.


On 04/01/07, Charles Butler <chazzer3332000 at> wrote:
> You are correct.  I don't have access to either a scanner or a printer in
> Brazil, so it is easier for me to think long and hard and do the best I can
> with a PAINT program.
> Thanks for explaining the idiom, Adam.
> Adam Frost <icemandeaf at> wrote:
> If I understand him correctly, he is planning on doing what I was with a
> paint like program (unless he has a tablet). And I think he meant scratch as
> in chicken scratches like when they dig in the dirt.
> Adam
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> Subject: AW: [sw-l] SW Handwriting Course Schedule Jan 2007
> Good morning Charles,     "Quick chicken stratch using my mouse"   what does
> that mean?   Stefan ;-)       ---------------- Von:
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> Charles Butler Gesendet: Donnerstag, 4. Januar 2007 03:10 An:
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> Schedule Jan 2007   If you can read this, I can sign up, too. Dont' know how
> much I will be able to contribute, but I'd love to learn more.  (Quick
> chicken stratch using my mouse)   Charles Butler
> Valerie Sutton wrote: SignWriting List January 3, 2007 Stuart just signed up
> for the course too! Glad you have the time, Stuart... Participants already
> signed up: 1. Adam Frost 2. Stefan Woehrmann 3. Tini Pel 4. Kelly Jo Boal 5.
> Cherie Wren 6. Stuart Thiessen Val ;-)

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