Kelly Jo - Canadian Association?

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Kelly Jo,

thankfully the academic community in the UK and Ireland seems to be
positive about SW because of University College London's Professor
Bencie Woll and Trinity College Dublin's Pat Matthews - and of course
Queen's University Belfast's guy (moi!)

It will be an uphill battle yes but you will get there eventually.


On 07/01/07, K.J. Boal <kjoanne403 at> wrote:
> Thanks Shane,
> I'm planning on doing that when I can, but I've talked to some of the
> leaders of the Deaf community here (e.g., the chair of Deafness Studies at
> the University of Alberta), and they have been very negative about
> SignWriting.  Without their support, it's definitely going to be an uphill
> battle!
> Thanks again,
> Kelly Jo
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> >Kelly Jo,
> >
> >another possibiliy here is...
> >
> >you could go and set up a Canadian Association for Sign Writing - or
> >something like that.
> >
> >Some of us have set up European SignWriters Organisation (some ll say
> >SignWriting) in Brussels to support the development of SW in Europe -
> >we are being slow but more and more people are picking up on SW. Our
> >first ESWO symopsium did lead to more schools getting involved - and
> >have impressed the Japanese people!
> >
> >It will take time but you will get there - just get a few deaf
> >teachers/lecturers together in Canada, say Western Canada and the rest
> >will be good.
> >
> >Shane @ ESWO
> >
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