Kelly Jo - Canadian Association?

K.J. Boal kjoanne403 at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Jan 7 02:08:20 UTC 2007

Thanks for the encouragement Shane!

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>Kelly Jo,
>thankfully the academic community in the UK and Ireland seems to be
>positive about SW because of University College London's Professor
>Bencie Woll and Trinity College Dublin's Pat Matthews - and of course
>Queen's University Belfast's guy (moi!)
>It will be an uphill battle yes but you will get there eventually.
>On 07/01/07, K.J. Boal <kjoanne403 at> wrote:
>>Thanks Shane,
>>I'm planning on doing that when I can, but I've talked to some of the
>>leaders of the Deaf community here (e.g., the chair of Deafness Studies at
>>the University of Alberta), and they have been very negative about
>>SignWriting.  Without their support, it's definitely going to be an uphill
>>Thanks again,
>>Kelly Jo
>> >From: "Shane Gilchrist O hEorpa" <shane.gilchrist.oheorpa at>
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>> >Subject: [sw-l] Kelly Jo - Canadian Association?
>> >Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2007 19:59:34 +0000
>> >
>> >Kelly Jo,
>> >
>> >another possibiliy here is...
>> >
>> >you could go and set up a Canadian Association for Sign Writing - or
>> >something like that.
>> >
>> >Some of us have set up European SignWriters Organisation (some ll say
>> >SignWriting) in Brussels to support the development of SW in Europe -
>> >we are being slow but more and more people are picking up on SW. Our
>> >first ESWO symopsium did lead to more schools getting involved - and
>> >have impressed the Japanese people!
>> >
>> >It will take time but you will get there - just get a few deaf
>> >teachers/lecturers together in Canada, say Western Canada and the rest
>> >will be good.
>> >
>> >Shane @ ESWO
>> >
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