list of participants - historical Handwriting course January 2007

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Mon Jan 8 16:01:58 UTC 2007

Hello Valerie, SW-listmembers and ...


especially participants of the Handwriting course - 


I thought about our virtual classroom and it is obvious that some
interaction between us "students" should be fun and supportive in our goal
to develop higher skills in SW - handwriting  and to strenghten the feeling
of being previliged to get this first-hand support by the inventor of Sutton
SignWriting herself.  


I would like to volonteer to create a table that contains a list with the
teacher Valerie Sutton - the inventor of this wonderful Writing System) and
all participants - 


This list could provide a photo of us, the name, the sign-name, the
email-adress  (that is already known to the sw-list) After we have discussed
the spellings of our sign-names -  I could even create a TT-Font of these
sign-names for you! 


So you are welcome to send your photo to me privately – 


stefanwoehrmann at




So what do you think? 


I could create a pdf - document so that lateron everybody of you could
download it from the web! 


Of course - no pressure - if someone doesn't want their photo on the web
that is ok too...


All the best and looking forward to meeting you at our virtual classroom – 


Hi Tini - would you like to be our Class speaker - who else - smile ? 




Stefan ;-) 



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