SW Handwriting Course Lesson 1 - Sentence Language

Paul gebaerdenschrift at PLH.LU
Tue Jan 9 01:28:54 UTC 2007

Hello Teacher Valerie ;-)

I have a question on Page 8 of the Handwriting Course.
You wrote "/*Please write a short sentence in SignWriting Handwriting on 
this Page below.*/"
This sentence, must it be in ASL? Or is German SignLanguage DGS fine 
too, or whatever signlanguage the participant use daily? In Luxembourg 
for example, mainly used SignLanguage is DGS.

"/*... and post it to the SignWriting List. We will try to ... figure 
out who wrote it ...*/" - this assumes, that one can post his page 
anonymous, or else you already know /*who wrote it*/ ;-) *grin*

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