SW Handwriting Course Lesson 1 Posted!

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Tue Jan 9 04:22:19 UTC 2007

SignWriting List
January 8, 2007

Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> I worked on it as well during my lunch hour today. I did have one  
> question on page 5 of the PDF, and the second sign down. For the  
> index handshape there, I don't recall seeing that in your list of  
> handwriting shapes that you taught in this lesson. I wondered if we  
> should substitute a different sign or if you planned to show that  
> one but forgot. (I understand how that can happen.)

Hello Stuart!
Thanks for this feedback. You are right. It should have been there in  
that lesson. I didn't really forget, but because it was so late at  
night, and I was so tired, I thought maybe it would be obvious that  
it was the same as the Printing...so I left it out. Now I see it  
confused lots of people so that was the wrong call...

So I will be posting this shortly...it is not on the web yet... but  
here is an explanation...

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