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Hello all:
I second both ideas below!
One of my personal SignWriting goals is to put the Wilkie Collins novel
"Poor Miss Finch" into ASL -- and I had wondered if a good way to do so
would be to "publish" it in installments online, chapter by chapter, and
have the ASL-fluent SignWriters give feedback on what they think. It would
be especially appropriate for this novel, I think, since it was itself first
published in installments back in the 19th century, and only later appeared
as a freestanding book!
Also, I would want to give readings to non-SignWriting Deaf friends to make
sure the ASL is OK. I hope that I can persuade the ASL/Deaf-studies program
I just enrolled in that this would be a good practicum for my hands-on
Why this novel (besides the convenient fact that it is out-of-copyright)?
Its whole premise is based on the author's opinion that the blind heroine is
not a pitiable "broken" person who needs to be fixed, but is a perfectly
fine and capable adult just the way she is. A very relevant point in the age
of the cochlear implant, I think!
Best of luck with Dr Suess, and the editing committee!
-- Kim from Boston

> > Once Cherie has completed the first draft of the entire book using
> > SignText (no rush, Cherie), which is a lot of work, then we need to
> > make sure that Deaf people who use ASL as their primary language feel
> > the translation is clear... I would like to suggest that we setup a
> > SW ASL Literature-Editing committee (for other Sign Languages too
> > later)...obviously they will need to be skilled in SignWriting as
> > well as ASL in this case...I think, now that we are creating more
> > literature, we will need the editing committee, to make sure they can
> > read the document and understand it..That is what our DAC used to
> > be...the editing committee for dictionaries etc...I think it will be
> > a great thing that will be positive for all writers and readers...
> [......]
> > Then, I have to add some more symbols to the IMWA, because there are
> > some rare mime-like symbols that are needed to show the weird cat
> > doing some weird things!
> >
> > Then, I have to submit two copies of the PDF document, printed for
> > them, to the Seuss Enterprises for final approval, and then if we are
> > lucky, we will be granted final permission to post the document...
> >
> > Once we have the ASL version posted on the web, I will have to re-
> > negotiate another contract to do the same for other signed languages,
> > and I will be happy to do that, Shane...
> >
> > But right now, Shane, I would suggest that your writing teams in
> > Europe choose documents that do not require permission...like fairy
> > tales, like Cinderella or Goldilocks...that do not require contracts
> > from lawyers!
> >
> > No matter what, THANK YOU, to all of you, for making all this
> > possible - SignText has changed our lives....we have full chapters of
> > the Bible in SignText now too...John, Chapter 1 and John Chapter 14
> > are now complete...I receive SignText email with documents daily now...
> >
> > Val ;-)
> >
> >
> >
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