German translation of SignText manual ;-)

Cherie Wren cwterp at YAHOO.COM
Fri Jan 12 01:13:57 UTC 2007

I've seen it glossed different ways, "gulp" is one of them.  Its basically an "I did something stupid", I think.  ::smile::  "I wish I could be a turtle and tuck my head away inside my shell"  LOL


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January 11, 2007

Cherie Wren wrote:
> Found it!  It was SignoEscritura, Spanish.  I know the difference  
> between German and Spanish, honest!  I think it was all the books  
> that Stephan has done that confused me....

Both the Spanish SignoEscritura book, and Stefan's SignWriting  
Handbook, are both very helpful books...thanks to the authors for  
these books ;-)

So this is the sign for GULP? ;-)

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