Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod acpg at VTXNET.CH
Fri Jan 19 21:13:20 UTC 2007


I remember Val Using the small   v   symbol beside the eye to  
indicate the eyeblink (like when you use it beside a finger that  
specifically close while other finger stay open..)

in LSF (like in ASL).... as you describe... they are eyeblinks to end  
of thought or transition between sentences, ... it's sometimes really  
hard to see.... we worked on that in the training for sign language  
I don't have references for litterature on this specific theme but  
there must be something!!!

have a nice week-end everyone and... hope you (Val) get well again  
very soon!!!!

Le 19 janv. 07 à 17:21, Stuart Thiessen a écrit :

> I am transcribing a video and noticed that the eye-blinks in this  
> video seem significant. As far as I can tell from the Archives and  
> the website, we have not discussed that issue online. I am curious  
> if any of you have written blinks before. For now, I am thinking of  
> just writing it as closed eyes or two heads with one having closed  
> eyes then one having open eyes. Sometimes, this happens during the  
> pause between signs. I have noticed that in ASL, the eyeblinks can  
> indicate almost an end of sentence or end of thought or transition  
> between thoughts. I haven't studied this in enough detail to be  
> sure of that conclusion though.
> Any thoughts or feedback on writing this?
> Thanks,
> Stuart

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