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January 20, 2007

Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> I am transcribing a video and noticed that the eye-blinks in this  
> video seem significant. As far as I can tell from the Archives and  
> the website, we have not discussed that issue online. I am curious  
> if any of you have written blinks before. For now, I am thinking of  
> just writing it as closed eyes or two heads with one having closed  
> eyes then one having open eyes. Sometimes, this happens during the  
> pause between signs. I have noticed that in ASL, the eyeblinks can  
> indicate almost an end of sentence or end of thought or transition  
> between thoughts. I haven't studied this in enough detail to be  
> sure of that conclusion though. Any thoughts or feedback on writing  
> this? Thanks, Stuart

Hello Stuart and Everyone -

My one message for today ;-)

Here are 4 possible new symbols that could be added to the  
IMWA...Years ago I wrote some of these possibilities on a piece of  
paper and when you mentioned it, I found the paper...and wanted to  
share with you...what do you think of these four symbols? (see  

The top two...1 and 2... fit with fluttering eyelashes, and fit with  
our general arrow system...number 3 with the line through a circle,  
is the easiest to write by hand and takes the least space...number 4  
is gentle and easy to write...

I saw your blending the two, Stuart, and that is not a bad idea  
too...the symbol ends up looking a little strange though, when you  
blend them, so that is why I separated them..but I am open to  

There is also a squeeze tension symbol that could be added for a  
tense blink...

Do any of these make sense for blinking motion to you?

Once we decide on them, then we just memorize what they are supposed  
to mean...and I will add them to the IMWA... Val ;-)

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