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Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
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Hi Cherie – 

once again this sign – I just want to give feedback –  you are the scribe
and it is up to you – smile – 


>From the readers point of view – who is going to perform your document –
going down with only the left hand while the right hand stays at that hight
in order to indicate where the point is when the pipe goes down .. ok.   In
the beginning both open C-Hands parallel to the floor indicate the shape of
the pipe (going down) – you can imagine the hole down -


in the end the left hand indicates the pipe goes to the left – in this case
it feels strange to me not to change the orientation – I would rather sign
palm up or even palm facing the body and to the left – in order to follow
the concept of the beginning – 


What do you think? 


Stefan ;-)



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Actually, I was signing that with just the left hand moving...  otherwise,
there was an awkward twist at the end that my wrists didn't like.  All of
that is signed slightly to the left of the body,  


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Hi Cherie

I like the “signing of gutter and gutter-pipe down befor spider is crawling
up “ 

Well have a second look at the attached sign – do you want only the left
hand travel down and left ? I guess you rather would like to move both hands
as a unit – using the neutral arrowhead ? 

In this case I’d rather write the final position of the two hands again
since I guess that the orientation of the hands will change to back of hands
up or down instead left and right – what do you think?

Stefan ;-)





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The itsy bitsy spider 

crawled up the water spout. 

Down came the rain 

and washed the spider out. 

ASL poetry nursery rhymes continued. Uses all 5ish handshapes


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