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Hi Cherie – 

yes I understand your intention and visualisation perfectly – 


Yes this different movementarrow seems perfect!  Look at the hand a second
time – smile 


“Your hand” isn’t still downward bit at an angle towards the body – the
fingers point at the body not downwards - 


what if you choose a different symbol for the first phase “when the water
follows the angle of the roof down”  

You may just pick the symbol showing the 5 gingers hand from frontview at an
angle fingers downward back of hand up – that would nicely describe your
concept – 


In order to inform the reader about the second phase – down straight – I
personally would write the second hand shape with this different hand
orientation as well – 


Stefan ;-)



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Hmmm... I must need to put some more in that sign.  The 5 hand with
trembling fingers is the flowing water--  it follows the angle of the roof
down a little ways, then goes into the pipe and down straight.  Where it
changes from teh angle of the roof into the pipe, the palm orientation
changes.  I think I sometimes get carried away trying to put every detail
into the writing, so I maybe went too far the other way and didn't pput
enough detail into this one?  Do I need to put -both- palm facings in?
Should I use a different arrow that shows the angle change? Arrow AND both
palm facings?


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Hi Cherie – 


have a look at the attached sign – the right hand is written parallel to the
floor, at an angel and fingers are moving like trembling up and down – well
now you com down (in between the open left C-Hand and further down ) Perhaps
you would want to check a different hand orientation - more of fingers
downward palm to the side ?? 


Stefan ;-) 



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The itsy bitsy spider 

crawled up the water spout. 

Down came the rain 

and washed the spider out. 

ASL poetry nursery rhymes continued. Uses all 5ish handshapes


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