Comment and feedback for SignPuddle 1.5

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Wed Jan 24 15:37:57 UTC 2007

Hi List,

I've been busy working on SignPuddle 2.  It's going well, however many 
people like the original SignPuddle, so I created a special version that 
will be available on the PocketPuddle.  It's called SignPuddle 1.5 and I 
have a demo version available online.

It works almost exactly like the original SignPuddle, but it has several 
major enhancements.

First, it is easy to create new puddles.  All you need to do is enter a 
title, subdirectory name, and select a graphic icon(gif or png).

Second, there is no longer a special dictionary editors page and no need 
to log in.  Signs can be edited from any page.

Third, SignText has been integrated with SignPuddle.  In fact, each sign 
can have a SignText document.  You can use SignPuddle to organize 
SignText documents, or you can use SignText documents to describe any 
sign in sign language.  There is no need to use bookmarks, just save the 
document the same way you save a sign.

Forth, the Translation feature creates a SignText document that can be 
saved to any puddle.  However, it no longer does the automatic finger 

I'm very excited for this new version.  I'd appreciate any feedback or 


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