itsy bitsy spider 2 again

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Andre, I am a right handed signer, I use my right hand as dominant for the 
vast majority of my signs.  The exceptions being some classifiers, where 
things are set up to the left, or the left hand has to be used to keep 
your hands from getting tangled when creating a visual description of 
physical space. Its not that I am switching dominance...  When I 
originally made this translation, everything followed from the description 
of the roof, gutter, and downspout, which I happened to sign to my left. 
The position of the spider, and his movements was directly related to the 
position of the downspout.  This whole thing is mostly classifiers, very 
few actual 'signs' in it!   I suppose I could re-arrange things so that 
the gutter and downspout were on the right...      then certain other 
signs, notably the rain flowing down the roof, would have to be signed 
left handed...  Let me play with it...  ::grin::


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RE: [sw-l] itsy bitsy spider 2 again

Hi Cherie,
       You use the left strong (active) hand in your story.  Look at the 
third column (AGAIN): You use the right strong (active) hand and the left 
weak (passive) hand.  You are  supposed to use the left strong (active) 
hand and the right weak (passive) hand.  If the signer uses alternative 
hands, the Deaf community does not like them and the signer could be 
criticized.  For example: President King Jordan of Gallaudet University 
used the two alternative hands which bothered the Deaf community because 
it was confusing or uncomfortable to the eyelistener. 

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Redid "out came the sun", hope fully fixed some hand facings? 
For the last nod on 'again' is there any way to show that it isn't a 
standard nod? Its a slower big up-nod, then a faster down-nod... does that 
make sense? 

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