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Hi Cherie,
       You use the left strong (active) hand in your story.  Look at the
third column (AGAIN): You use the right strong (active) hand and the left
weak (passive) hand.  You are  supposed to use the left strong (active) hand
and the right weak (passive) hand.  If the signer uses alternative hands,
the Deaf community does not like them and the signer could be criticized.
For example: President King Jordan of Gallaudet University used the two
alternative hands which bothered the Deaf community because it was confusing
or uncomfortable to the eyelistener. 

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Redid "out came the sun", hope fully fixed some hand facings? 
For the last nod on 'again' is there any way to show that it isn't a
standard nod? Its a slower big up-nod, then a faster down-nod... does that
make sense? 

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