Comment and feedback for SignPuddle 1.5

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Mon Jan 29 20:37:03 UTC 2007

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the feedback. 

I'm currently putting the export button back in.  It's changed in that 
it now exports SBML (SignBank markup language).  The new version of 
SignBank coming out in March can import SBML.  I'll explain more below.

I'm not sure how the import will work.  It may be automated, but that's 
not really needed just yet.  Anyone with access to the file system can 
import and export directly.  PocketPuddle users can do this themselves.  
And I'll be available to help anyone with a private puddle through Val's website.

By tomorrow, 2 additional features will be available on the SignPuddle 
1.5 demo.  The first is image/video upload for individuals signs. 

The second is the inclusion of the SignSpelling Sequence column.   This 
is required for sorting signs properly.  Read about it online 

Back to SBML...
The SBML import into SignBank will be really amazing.  You can do all of 
the initial data entry with SignPuddle and you can do all of the 
presentation with SignBank.  SBML contains information for a sign's 
appearance and it's sorting.  I've attached the sbml.dtd.

For sharing, SignPuddle 1.5 still has links to email.  It's the easiest 
way to share.

For importing, SignPuddle 1.5 is compatible with SignPuddle 1.0, so any 
existing SignPuddle dictionary can be used. although I do need to update 
the SignPuddle 1.0 export routine.  I've done this by hand for the ASL 
dictionary, so tomorrow we'll see over 6000 signs in SignPuddle 1.5.

Please let me know any specific feature requests and I'll see what I can do.


Jonathan wrote:
> Hi Steve,
>     I haven´t been able to test out SignPuddle 1.5 fully because I´m 
> not connected to the Internet very much at a time so the on line 
> applications are a bit difficult for me.  But I didn´t have a quick 
> look around.  Something I didn´t see was the SWML or Import/Export 
> buttons.  Did you remove them from this version?  I think that it 
> would be important to have them as they should be the best option for 
> sharing what we have written.  I have seen user posting the URL but it 
> seems to get split up so readily in the emails.
>     Not needing to use the bookmarks to save the document and being 
> able to describe a sign with a document sound like very nice features!!!
> Regards,
> Jonathan
> Steve Slevinski wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> I've been busy working on SignPuddle 2.  It's going well, however 
>> many people like the original SignPuddle, so I created a special 
>> version that will be available on the PocketPuddle.  It's called 
>> SignPuddle 1.5 and I have a demo version available online.
>> It works almost exactly like the original SignPuddle, but it has 
>> several major enhancements.
>> First, it is easy to create new puddles.  All you need to do is enter 
>> a title, subdirectory name, and select a graphic icon(gif or png).
>> Second, there is no longer a special dictionary editors page and no 
>> need to log in.  Signs can be edited from any page.
>> Third, SignText has been integrated with SignPuddle.  In fact, each 
>> sign can have a SignText document.  You can use SignPuddle to 
>> organize SignText documents, or you can use SignText documents to 
>> describe any sign in sign language.  There is no need to use 
>> bookmarks, just save the document the same way you save a sign.
>> Forth, the Translation feature creates a SignText document that can 
>> be saved to any puddle.  However, it no longer does the automatic 
>> finger spelling.
>> I'm very excited for this new version.  I'd appreciate any feedback 
>> or comment.
>> Regards,
>> -Steve
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