Cat in the Hat 9

CWren at DOE.K12.GA.US CWren at DOE.K12.GA.US
Thu Jul 5 15:52:48 UTC 2007

 A major challenge in this one--  When the cat says he can hold the milk 
on a dish, I pick up my right foot, and through constructed action, place 
the tray with the milk on the foot, while I balance on the other one.  In 
the signwriting, I showed the torso movement, but not the foot movement, 
cuz I don't know how....  Does it need to be there?  There are several 
spots where torso action is important, and I am not sure I'm doing it 

I also had a devil of a time with the handshape/orientation for the tray 
itself.  It doesn't look right any way I tried it.  The palms are facing 
each other, thumbs forward away from the body, knuckles aiming mostly 
toward the ground and forward.

Cherie Wren
GSD Staff Interpreter
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