Cat in the Hat 9

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Thu Jul 5 15:57:56 UTC 2007

On Jul 5, 2007, at 8:52 AM, CWren at wrote:

> A major challenge in this one--  When the cat says he can hold the  
> milk on a dish, I pick up my right foot, and through constructed  
> action, place the tray with the milk on the foot, while I balance  
> on the other one.  In the signwriting, I showed the torso movement,  
> but not the foot movement, cuz I don't know how....  Does it need  
> to be there?  There are several spots where torso action is  
> important, and I am not sure I'm doing it correctly...
> I also had a devil of a time with the handshape/orientation for the  
> tray itself.  It doesn't look right any way I tried it.  The palms  
> are facing each other, thumbs forward away from the body, knuckles  
> aiming mostly toward the ground and forward.

Wonderful stuff! I love it ;-))

This shows that maybe I shouldn't take the feet away from the  
International SignWriting Alphabet (ISWA) because I was thinking of  
taking them away since normally feet are not used in SignWriting! Ha!  
Maybe they will be needed after all ;-)

I will look at this after I finish the Rotation Symbol lesson I am  

But if Stefan or the other editors have time, it would be great to  
see how they would write the issues you mention in Cat in the Hat 9...

Val ;-)

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