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> From: signwriting at MAC.COM> Subject: Re: [sw-l] Rotation Symbols> Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 19:44:08 -0700> To: sw-l at> > Hi Kelly Jo -> Thanks for your opinion. It is good to know that people like things  > the way they are. And of course more symbols is not the is  > just more consistent as a whole, with the entire writing system...if  > all the Movement Arrows had 8 rotations. The programming problems we  > have with the Rotation Symbols can be fixed in some kind of special  > programming without adding more symbols, I suppose. But adding the  > basic 8 rotations would take away the need for special programming.  > And I personally use the diagonal Rotation Symbols myself, and I have  > missed it in the software over the years...It's certainly possible that as I write more, I'll miss them too...> But enough on that subject. It is good to know your opinions...thank  > you! It probably won't happen, and even if it does, it will be  > another year to two years at least...Not a huge issue at this point, then!  > As you know, with SignWriter DOS, we could never have written the  > handshapes from Ethiopia. At least now, with SignPuddle, we can add  > new symbols when we want to, so we are lucky to be able to add new  > handshapes when requested.Very true!! > And speaking of adding new handshapes...that is another case where we  > existed very well without the Flat Hand on the Diagonal Plane, or the  > In-between Palm Facings, or the different degrees of open and closed  > Angled hands, and many other detailed handshapes we have in the  > the truth is that it is up to the writer to choose how much  > detail they want to write with, and if they wish to use some detailed  > symbols from the ISWA, which is the equivalent to the IPA, then I  > guess it is for them to choose that...or not to choose that, as the  > case may be...> > I think it is great that you are choosing to write simply, Kelly Jo.  > That is the best for everyday use for sure...I really believe it's the only way to handle everyday use.  Unfortunately, Ithink some of my "gut feelings" crept into "Sleeping Beauty" a few timesso that I changed the sign to what I would sign instead of what I sawDarline do . . . fine for my own writing, but not so good for transcription!> By the way, there is no need for me to add bigger arrows either to  > the ISWA. That would create more additional symbols and I will never  > ever be able to get every variation of size needed, so just combining  > existing arrows, like this sign, is a way to do it without having to  > construct a new symbol...and I would assume that it is not jerky but  > the arrows are showing continuous movement from one arrow to the  > next... Val ;-)True . . . but I think that works better with the wall-plane arrows than thefloor-plane arrows.  What if you wanted to write a curved motion movingaway from you and then back, but covering a larger area than usual?  Thesingle-stemmed arrows don't have the same rotations or variations as the double-stemmed.  How would you write, for example, a very large versionof ALL OF YOU?KJ
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