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uups - there has been a typo - 

Stefan ;-)
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On Jul 5, 2007, at 8:17 PM, K.J. Boal wrote:
> True . . . but I think that works better with the wall-plane arrows  
> than the
> floor-plane arrows.  What if you wanted to write a curved motion  
> moving
> away from you and then back, but covering a larger area than  
> usual?  The
> single-stemmed arrows don't have the same rotations or variations  
> as the
> double-stemmed.  How would you write, for example, a very large  
> version

Yes, and this is my point before. Stefan is correct that no one  
writes a newspaper using the IPA, and no one expects anyone to use  
all of the ISWA to write a newspaper. Each signed language will  
obviously start using a subset of symbols, taken from the ISWA, and  
that subset will become the SignWriting alphabet for that specific  
signed language...

So when I am talking about adding a symbol, I am not talking about  
forcing everyone to use all those symbols...Just the opposite...I  
hope that most people will only write with a small minority of the  
ISWA symbols...only those symbols truly needed to write their signed  
language...The ISWA is all of the symbols from around the world in  
one long list of symbols...

So having another angle on a Rotation Symbol is a little like having  
another size of a Movement Arrow...not everyone has to use it, in  
fact it doesn't have to be taught at all, but if it is there, people  
will at least know about it...that does not mean I am going to do it,  
I am just trying to explain my point...I thought it might help some  

Regarding the the old SignWriter DOS there was not enough  
room on a key to be able to fit a larger symbol than the largest we  
have right now...and I do not know how large I can go right now with  
the bitmaps...but of course Stefan's TrueType can make larger  
movement symbols easily, and I believe SVG will help with that different sizes will become easier and easier with TrueType  
and SVG...I just don't know how large I can go with the PNG format we  
are using right now...I will ask Steve... is an attempt at piecing a large curve together...I  
admit it looks weird, but at least you don't have to construct a  
bunch of little lines!

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