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Fri Jul 6 11:31:27 UTC 2007

Hello Valerie and list,

I have to agree with Stefan, it could become really complicated, to  
many possibilities.
I am still working with DOS. It is a wonderful system Valerie, so  
easy to work with. With many thanks for that.

On 5-Jul-07, at 6:13 PM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

> Hi Val,
> you know that I have written hundreds of sw-pages with the DOS SW  
> program
> There is a good chance to add over the years a hundred more symbols  
> to the
> symbol set - but do we really need that?
> I am afraid that in the end the whol system will be blown up that  
> nobody -
> besides you and some specialists will know what all the symbols  
> stand for -
> SW is a wonderful system to describe movement as people observe  
> movement. We
> will find in any new performance of the same poem, the same story some
> variations in handshapes, movement directions, angles ... but that  
> is not
> needed -
> Just feel free to add more symbols if you feel that this is  
> important - but
> from my point of view I use SW as a way to write down movement in some
> general way. Compared to Spoken Language you will not find too many
> newspapers written in IPA - symbols smile ...
> Just my opinion -
> and if you write play this way or that way (forearm parallel to the  
> floor
> indicated by the rotation axis - vs. forearm parallel to the wall) you
> should be able to understand that the scribe tries to put more  
> attention on
> this or that angle but never would convince us that the forearm has  
> to be
> 100% parallel to whatever-- smile.
> Stefan;-)
> Nevertheless it makes sense to explain to people the concept of the  
> rotation
> symols - with the focus on the baby finger or on the thumb - but  
> there are
> already some good graphics about that in your e-lessons.
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> Just as traveling rotations can travel at diagonals, the static non-
> traveling rotations could also have the forearm at diagonals...the
> symbols would be consistent with each other, and we would have added
> choices for signs like PLAY in ASL...
> See attached...What do you all think?

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