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Fri Jul 6 15:10:22 UTC 2007

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July 6, 2007

On Jul 6, 2007, at 5:36 AM, CWren at wrote:
> Regarding ALL-DAY:  I wrote that differently in another  
> place...This 3/4 circular arrow has the right feel for the  
> movement, and for this instance, it is signed smaller than the one  
> from the first section.  The first one, that you cited, would need  
> a bigger arrow, which is why I originally went with the  
> construction work. I toyed with combining several smaller arrows,  
> but did this instead.

I suspect, to get these different degrees of sizes of Movement  
Arrows, we will have to wait for SVG or TrueType, in  
SignPuddle...Because then maybe we will be able to select a symbol  
and "stretch it" to the size desired...Then you will have the  
flexibility you need.

How that would be sorted by Sign-Symbol-Sequence has to be worked  
out, but it can be, and that will be the most helpful to you...

So I guess you prefer to construct your own symbols for now and that  
is fine...they look a little constructed, and as the "symbol person"  
that bothers me, but I am not sure I can rectify the problem in the  
bitmapped methods we are using in the ISWA at the moment, but i will  

I am not so sure my editing of Cat in the Hat is helping you very  
much! I do not know how to make myself useful ;-))

Maybe I should go back to working on the ISWA and finish the  
Ethiopian Handshapes and the new handshape that Jason requested?

And if you just keep writing and finish the whole Cat-In-The-Hat,  
then, while you are on vacation later this month, maybe some of the  
other editors can help us and that will be a better editing session...

Is that ok with you?

Many thanks for this marvelous document, Cherie!

No matter what, we are reading it as you go along!!

Val ;-)

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