wrist flex versus rotation

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I see what you mean. I was just wondering because I can bend my wrist so my hand goes from side to side and forward to back, but when I have my wrist bent forward like the Cherie's sign for wow, I can't bend my wrist side to side. My forearm rotates. I even tried holding my forearm so that it won't and I can't get the up down movement in the hand. 


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On Jul 6, 2007, at 1:51 PM, Adam Frost wrote:
> The only difference that I see between what Cherie is trying to  
> write and the sign HAPPEN (other than the handshapes of course) is  
> that in HAPPEN the wrist is not bent while in Cherie's sign it is.  
> In fact, it would be the difference between HAPPEN and ARGUE. I  
> just looked up the spelling of ARGUE and it has neither wrist flex  
> nor forearm rotation. It is just down arrows. Is it possible that  
> that is what should be written?
> Adam

Notice how you mentioned that "the wrist is not bent in the sign for  
HAPPEN". Exactly! The Wrist-bending is what I call a Wrist Flex.  
Cherie was flexing her wrist. The sign for HAPPEN is a Rotation,  
because the palm facing changes without any bending of the wrist. In  
the case of HAPPEN, the forearms are projecting straight forward, and  
they rotate. Cherie was flexing her wrists as far as I can see, like  
the sign for WOW:

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