Cat in the Hat and the editing process

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sat Jul 7 16:02:33 UTC 2007

SignWriting List
July 7, 2007

Charles, Cherie, Adam, Stuart, Stefan and Everyone -

Good morning!!

I just want to say how much I enjoy working with all of you and  
everyone on the List...

Cherie, your writing is wonderful, filled with descriptive writing  
that is really fascinating to read, based on a dynamic video, and I  
predict it will be very popular when published...SignWriting  
Literature is so sorely needed and you are giving us this gift. Thank  

The editing process has the danger of taking your time away from the  
writing of the first draft of the entire document, so I am going to  
work on other things now, to give you some peace...I hope you will  
keep writing without any worries. The issues with one sign or another  
are not that important...

And I notice that Adam is adding documents to the Literature Puddle  
with some of his editing, so you can always read our documents in the  
Literature Puddle later, when you feel like discussing editing...but  
no rush on that...

I am going to work on the ISWA and the SignPuddle Reference Manual  

So thank you to everyone for yesterday's dynamic discussion...

Most important, no one needs to use Rotation Symbols or Wrist Flex  
symbols if they don't want to...and then the problem is solved  
easily...just don't use them.

Whenever there is a sign that is irritating or hard to write, just  
write the beginning and ending positions of the sign and forget the  
Rotation Symbols entirely....

We wrote that way for years, and we did just fine ;-)

Val ;-)

PS. Below, Charles, I want to answer your questions. It was very kind  
of you to offer your diagram. Thank you!
See below...

On Jul 7, 2007, at 6:24 AM, Charles Butler wrote:
> I have to agree with Cherie here Valerie, you show the same  
> movement with the arm forward and with the arm parallel to my  
> body.  Neither is a flex.  The two movements you attach are both  
> rotations.
> A flex is like "flag" or "yes", is my attached movement correct?  
> I've put the same index finger through a flex and a rotation with  
> the arm forward.  Is this right?
> Charles

Yes, this is a Wrist Flex. The Wrist Flex is written well here. And  
this could not be written with a Rotation Symbol, since Rotation  
Symbols do not write wrist movement. So this is perfect!

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Thanks for this diagram, Charles. I tried to explain my writing in  
the example below...

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