Existing lessons teaching Rotation & Wrist Flexes

K.J. Boal kjoanne403 at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Jul 7 23:52:50 UTC 2007

> From: signwriting at MAC.COM> Subject: [sw-l] Existing lessons teaching Rotation & Wrist Flexes> Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2007 12:28:56 -0700> To: sw-l at majordomo.valenciacc.edu> > SignWriting List> July 7, 2007> > On Jul 7, 2007, at 10:45 AM, K.J. Boal wrote:> > I'm glad there was this discussion, even if I got into it a little  > > late!   If we can hammer out exactly how to explain these symbols,  > > there might be fewer misunderstandings by new SignWriters.> > KJ> > Hello Kelly Jo!> New visual instruction, with very few words, and mostly  > illustrations, will help.I definitely agree!  I like Parkhursts' line drawings for that. > Meanwhile, have you read all the published descriptions of these  > symbols?Not all of them; just the Lessons in SignWriting book. > Here are the instruction pages from various textbooks already  > published on SignWriting, plus eLessons on the subject. I know they  > are dry to read, but if you really read the pages carefully again and  > again, I believe they will become clearer.No offense, Val, but most people won't "really read the pages carefully again and  again"... that's probably one of the reasons there's so muchconfusion!  And I had assumed that the SignoEscritura Textbook waswritten in Spanish, so when I was trying to teach myself SW, I didn'teven look at it.  I've looked at the pages you just sent over the List,though, and I really like them!KJ > 1. SignoEscritura Textbook> Chapters 8-11> http://www.signwriting.org/spain/lecciones/> > ------> > 2. Lessons in SignWriting Textbook> Chapter 8: Axial Movement> http://www.signwriting.org/lessons/lessonsw/lessonsweb.html> > If you read the second paragraph on the first page in the Axial  > Movement chapter, you see that the symbols "stay in one place".> > -------> > 3. Stefan's Book "The SignWriting Handbook"> Not online, but it can be purchased:> http://www.signwriting.org/shop/shop03.html> > -------> > 4. SignWriting eLessons Online> Rotation Symbols are discussed on these web pages from the eLessons:> http://www.signwriting.org/lessons/elessons/less011.html> http://www.signwriting.org/lessons/elessons/less012.html> http://www.signwriting.org/lessons/elessons/less013.html> http://www.signwriting.org/lessons/elessons/less014.html> http://www.signwriting.org/lessons/elessons/less015.html> http://www.signwriting.org/lessons/elessons/less018.html> http://www.signwriting.org/lessons/elessons/less026.html> http://www.signwriting.org/lessons/elessons/less034.html> http://www.signwriting.org/lessons/elessons/less035.html> http://www.signwriting.org/lessons/elessons/less036.html> > > > 
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