Existing lessons teaching Rotation & Wrist Flexes

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Sun Jul 8 00:50:25 UTC 2007

I had read those manuals and never would have thought that the forearm and
the hand have to rotate on the same axis to use the rotation symbols. The
only thing that would have hinted to this would have been a line in the
SingoEscritura Textbook from chapter 9 and 10: "The double-stemmed curved
arrows mean that the hand rotates on the wall plane," and "The
single-stemmed curved arrow means that the hand's rotation is parallel to
the floor." So I would have done the same thing that Cherie did because
there is nothing that makes the clear distinction of what happens if the
hand is not rotating on the same axis with the arm like in WOW. So I think
that is what Kelly Jo is referring to, but I am sure that this has never
really come up before. But that will always come up when you have new people
learning a system, new issues come up. :-)


On 7/7/07, Valerie Sutton <signwriting at mac.com> wrote:
> On Jul 7, 2007, at 4:52 PM, K.J. Boal wrote:
> > No offense, Val, but most people won't "really read the pages
> > carefully
> > again and  again"... that's probably one of the reasons there's so
> > much
> > confusion!  And I had assumed that the SignoEscritura Textbook was
> > written in Spanish, so when I was trying to teach myself SW, I didn't
> > even look at it.  I've looked at the pages you just sent over the
> > List,
> > though, and I really like them!
> > KJ
> Of course I know that, Kelly Jo. Most people do not read manuals. I
> do not take offense at that at all...
> But you are giving yourself unnecessary frustration if you do not
> read them...
> It is a shame you are not using the SignoEscritura textbook! Find
> Steve and Dianne Parkhurst at SIL immediately and ask to purchase a
> copy of their English version, and please tell them that I am
> planning to telephone them shortly...
> And you can download almost the complete English textbook...one
> chapter at a time, right now on the web. It is excellent:
> SignoEscritura in English
> http://www.signwriting.org/lessons/lessonsw/Spanish.html
> It has been available in English for several years on my web sites,
> and also available from the Parkhursts for more years than that.
> Stefan used their English book to learn SignWriting...a lot of people
> do. I would love to sell it for them on our web site, but that is my
> fault...I haven't asked them if they want that, but please tell them
> that they would be helping the SignWriting community so much, if we
> could...and we can talk about it...whatever they want...
> Maybe others would understand the Rotation Symbols better if they
> read the SignoEscritura textbook...
> Sometimes, once in a long while, I read manuals, and find the answers
> to my questions...and it makes me feel so much better!
> To access all the Lessons file easily, go to:
> Lessons in SignWriting
> http://www.SignWriting.org/lessons
> and click on Number 3, Lessons Books...
> There you will find SignWriting books in Portuguese, Spanish, French,
> German and English! Just click on the flags at the top of the web
> page...when you click on the Spain flag, you will find the books from
> Spain...in both Spanish and English:
> http://www.signwriting.org/lessons/lessonsw/Spanish.html
> Enjoy reading!
> Val ;-)
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