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Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Mar 30 12:54:02 UTC 2007

How do I get diacriticals to show up, Portuguese has a lot of accents, tildes, and the c cedilla that are part of the normal spelling.  They don't show up in the display on my screen.

Steve Slevinski <slevin at> wrote:
  Hi List,

Hope everyone is well. I have SignPuddle 1.5 ready to go. You can use 
it online right now

Editing is a lot easier now. There is no special dictionary editors 
page. You can edit signs from any page if you have the right security.

Once you register for a dictionary and log in, all of the signs you add 
will be assigned to your username. This gives you the rights to edit 
the signs you've entered without being an editor for the whole dictionary.

If you don't register, all new signs will be linked with the computer 
you used to add the signs.

I've transfered all of the 1.0 puddles. They will need some cleaning 
up. Not all of the special characters transfered correctly and some of 
the sign spellings are askew. But SignPuddle 1.5 uses Unicode, so all 
languages are fair game. If you want to be an editor for any particular 
dictionary to help clean it up, let me or Val know. Or reply to the list 
and we'll get it set up.

SignPuddle 1.5 can have a multilingual interface. If you want to help 
translate the SignPuddle screens, reply and I'll create a user interface 
puddle for your languages and give you the security rights to edit the 
UI puddle. The great part about the translation is that you use the 
same SignPuddle interface.

Currently, the free and open dictionaries don't allow for image or video 
uploading. This is something that Val and I are discussing. We'll see 
how it goes.

I've given Val the first 5 PocketPuddles. It's very cool. For Windows, 
just plug and play. For Mac, it requires a few steps that are straight 
forward, but it reconfigures the built in web server and requires the 
use of the Terminal application.

I'm working on the last few items of my todo list. Then I'll complete 
the documentation and the information will be a lot more organized than 
this email.


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