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Stuart Thiessen sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG
Fri Mar 30 15:58:59 UTC 2007

Ok, I hadn't realized about the change from bookmarking in 1.5. I must 
have missed that memo. ;-)

I will check that out.



On Mar 30, 2007, at 10:28, Steve Slevinski wrote:

> Hi Stuart,
> Thanks for trying it.  I'm really happy with the new translate.
> 1) It should be possible to remember what radio buttons were selected, 
> but trickier than first look because the text is changing.  I have an 
> idea and I'll put it on my list.
> 2) SignText is  a work in progress.  I'm planning on totally rewriting 
> SignText.  The new SignText will include saving, uploading and 
> downloading.  It will be usable as a stand alone editor or embedded in 
> SignPuddle.  But I also want the current SignText to be usable in the 
> meantime.
> This is what I've come up with.  I appreciate the feedback and 
> sounding board.  I still need to update my SWML definition, but we'll 
> have to talk about that later.
> SignPuddle 1.5 no longer uses bookmarks to save SignText documents.  
> The documents are saved with dictionary entries.
> Adding a SignText Document
> =====================
> There are 3 ways to add SignText documents.  The first is by pressing 
> the SignText button located with the main commands on the left.  This 
> will open SignText for the current puddle you're in.  When you're 
> done, press save and give it a title.
> The second way is to add a SignText document directly to a sign.  If 
> you have rights to edit a sign, there will be a SignText icon under 
> the sign itself.  Pressing that SignText button will open SignText and 
> pressing Save will add the document to the sign.
> The third way is with the Translate feature.  After you have typed in 
> your sentence, selected the right signs by radio button and pressed 
> Update, you will see a section called "Load into Puddle".   Select the 
> puddle you want the sentence saved in and it will load SignText.  Make 
> some changes if you want than press Save and give it a title.
> Editing a SignText Document
> =====================
> Editing a SignText document is simple.  Find the right dictionary 
> entry.  Under the SignText document, click on the SignText button.  It 
> will load the document into SignText and pressing save will update the 
> SignText document for the dictionary entry.  No more bookmarks!
> Val made a bunch of video help files.  Videos 14 and 26 offer a visual 
> explanation.
> Regards,
> -Steve
> Stuart Thiessen wrote:
>> I can tell you put a lot of work into this. :)  Two comments though 
>> regarding the Translate feature:
>> 1) Is there a way to freeze the signs that I did select with the 
>> radio button?  I put in my sentence, selected the radio buttons of 
>> what I wanted, and then realized I wanted a different sign or I put 
>> in the wrong gloss. So I went back and changed the gloss and updated, 
>> but all my radio button selections were lost. So could the form 
>> remember what radio button selections were kept for the specific 
>> signs that are still in the sentence after I edited the gloss?
>> 2) When I am doing something under time pressures, I often use the 
>> Translate function to whip out a quick sentence and then clean it up 
>> in SignText. Now, with 1.0, I would save the gloss that I used in 
>> Translate in my keynote presentation comments or in a text file so 
>> that I could get the same sentence back if I needed to change things. 
>> Now, it seems that feature will not work because it is not possible 
>> to access the underscored versions of a sign through Translate. I 
>> haven't done the bookmarking with SignText as much because I had 
>> observed that there is no way to edit a bookmark and save over the 
>> existing bookmark. I have to create a new bookmark if I change a 
>> bookmark. That seemed counterintuitive to me. Besides, I'd just 
>> prefer to save a file and upload a file (SWML or SPML or whatever the 
>> format is) to do my editing of SW documents. It seems easier to me to 
>> use the file to share with others. Is that something that is coming 
>> up for SignText?
>> Thanks,
>> Stuart
>> On Mar 30, 2007, at 8:34, Steve Slevinski wrote:
>>>  Hi Bill,
>>>  Glad you like it.
>>>  You're smiley face in the translate program is really interesting.  
>>> I'll explain.
>>>  :-) is actually 3 characters in SignPuddle.  : and ) are 
>>> punctuation characters and SignPuddle replaces those characters with 
>>> the SignWriting punctuation.  The parenthesis was flipped over due 
>>> to a bug.  I'll  fix it.
>>>  The - however is a totally different matter.  In the original 
>>> SignPuddle the dash - and the underscore _ where special characters. 
>>>  In the 1.5 translate section, the dash, underscore and a space are 
>>> considered the same.
>>>  In the translate section, if a term can't be found it performs a 
>>> search.  Since the dash is considered a space, the search returns 
>>> any term with a space, dash, or underscore.  I'm not sure if this is 
>>> the best idea on my part.  We'll have to see how it  works out.
>>>  An example...
>>>  Let's consider 2 signs "he go there" and "he go here".  If you 
>>> typed "he-go" in the translate box and the dictionary didn't have a 
>>> sign for "he go",  it would return "he go there" and "he go here".  
>>> Nice in theory.
>>>  The ? mark is due to the dreaded "graphic only" signs.  These are 
>>> signs that are graphics only and do not contain any information 
>>> about the symbols and their position.  They need to be cleaned up or 
>>> removed.
>>>  Regards,
>>>  -Steve
>>> wreese01 at TAMPABAY.RR.COM wrote:<unknown.png>This is Great! Worked 
>>> smooth after an initial time-out connecting to the server. I tried 
>>> the translate feature on "This is great! :-)"
>>>> I added a smiley face just to see how the ASL Signpuddle would 
>>>> handle it.
>>>> I love the ability to choose which sign to use but was baffled when 
>>>> the "-" in the smiley face gave me a huge number of signs to choose 
>>>> from. I couldn't see just a dash. Is this a feature? :-)
>>>> Also, the closing parenthesis looks more like an opening one, but 
>>>> I'm not that familiar with punctuation.
>>>> I did see a lot of "?" in the sign options and am assuming those 
>>>> are signs that need cleaning up.
>>>> Altogether, it looks nice and worked fast and intuitively for what 
>>>> I did.
>>>> Bill
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