SVG and Unicode

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Tue May 1 15:42:40 UTC 2007

SignWriting List
May 1st, 2007

Steve Slevinski wrote:
> Agreed.  However, extension packs need a place in the final  
> solution.  Val wrote an entire symbology for wood chopping using an  
> ax.  The standard prop system was inadequate.  The axes are a part  
> of neither the standard IMWA symbol set nor the SignWriting  
> alphabet.  Just because we can fit all of the symbols into one file  
> doesn't mean we should.

Yes. This is a very good point, and it is a concern to me, because I  
do not believe any of you realize that probably half the DanceWriting  
symbols have not been added to the IMWA this moment in time  
it is impossible to write a dance document with the IMWA...

So the complete Sutton Movement Writing system, which I consider the  
IMWA, is not in computers write a dance document we still  
have to write most of it by hand...

Maybe UNICODE should be for the ISWA, the International SignWriting  
Alphabet, which does not need pirouette symbols for DanceWriting, and  
axe movements used by Viking boat makers.

Of course I would love to have a complete IMWA, but you all would be  
surprised how many symbols there would be to write all human movement  
and animal movement and insect movement...

So maybe we need to focus on the International SignWriting Alphabet  
(ISWA)...and even that is not finished yet with the Ethiopian  
Handshapes, as Charles mentioned...but at least it is a goal that can  
be realized within 2007...

Val ;-)

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