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>The only problems that I have with the original spelling is 1)The contact
>symbols break the point of contact,

Yes, I realize now that was a mistake.  (3 more months of experience makes a 

and 2)The I handshape is at an
>position being pinky down and palm out.

Also true.  From the wall-plane perspective, it should have been palm in.

Having seen Kelly Jo sign
>her name
>to me, I would write the fingerspelling KJ on the arm with a brush on top 
>the J to say that the J brushes the arm. I didn't place a star on top of 
>K, but it could have been put there if the touch was really important. I
>personally think that using the fingerspelling gives ease to reading 
>the fingerspelling are fairly standard in SW and that is what this is.

Maybe... but I would read this writing as having the heel of the hand 
touching the arm, when it actually doesn't; plus, if someone were trying to 
sign it as written, the hands are still in awkward positions.  (Not that my 
writing was much better, of course...)

>Charles, to get the arms, what I did was I got the regular joined upper arm
>and forearm, and added another forearm to make it longer to fit all of the
>On 5/1/07, Charles Butler <chazzer3332000 at> wrote:
>>*I don't seem to be able to get big enough upper arms and forearms in the
>>Sign Puddle that are clearly identified as upper arms and forearms by the
>>click and point method.  How does this look.  This way one knows where the
>>action is happening by the arm locator, and then the handshape moves as

><< SignText-1178046336-1.png >>

><< arms.bmp >>

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